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We help shape a better World in a better way
BETS Consulting Services Ltd. is one of the leading consulting firms of Bangladesh and is a proud development partner providing appropriate and sustainable solutions in infrastructure development, project management, training and strengthening of institutional capabilities.
BETS is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company and maintains quality management system standard. As an ISO Certified Company, we mainly emphasis on effective planning, operation and quality management system processes. With quality assurance, the company is better equipped and prepared to deliver at an even higher level.

Consultancy with Distinction in
Water Supply and Sanitation, Water Resources Management, Environment, Agriculture and Irrigation, Infrastructure, Social Science, Education, Energy & Power, Computer Application Construction Management

Contact signed with LGED on 30-06-2016, Consultancy Services for Resource Mapping of Selecting Beels Through PRA and Professional Documentation, Mapping and Printing under Beel Development Activities of HFMLIP (Package No. LGED/HFMLIP/RM-01/15-16)

Contact signed with Dhaka South City Corporation dated on 28-06-2016, Detailed Feasibility Study for Construction of Common Utility Tunnel in the Primary Roads of Dhaka South City Corporation Area (App. 6 Km)

Contact signed with Acorn International dated on 27-06-2016, Scoping Environmental and Social Aspects: Liquefied Natural Gas Floating Storage and Regasification Unit and import terminal infrastructure, Moheshkhali Island, Bangladesh

Contact signed with Power Cell dated on 19-04-2016, Sub-consultancy Agreement for ICT Roadmap for the Power Sector in Bangladesh.

Contact signed with ADB dated on 27-04-2016, TA-8556 REG: Supporting the Cities Development Initiative for Asia - BAN: PFS and Preliminary Engineering in Gazipur and Khulna for Consultancy Services

Contact signed with BWDB dated on 26-05-2016, Consultancy Services for the Muhuri Irrigation Management Operator (C-IMO), Contract Package No. CS-2

Contact signed with Bangladesh Technosity Limited (BTL) dated on 08-05-2016, Conducting Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) of Kaliakoir High Tech Park

Contact signed with IAPP, Ministry of Agriculture dated on 07-04-2016, Consulting Services for Impact Assessment of Integrated Agricultural Productivity Project (IAPP) (National)

Contact signed with BIWTA dated on 10-03-2016, Consultancy Services for Inland Waterway Dredging Feasibility Study Bangladesh Trade and Transport Facilitation Studies RETF Project (BIWTA Component)

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